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Developer Painting | Sun Yanchu
  • Developer Painting | Sun Yanchu



    One can capture the traces of painting and photography at the same time in Developer Paintings. Sun Yanchu fuses the energy of both, which create a new context and aesthetic. This is a new experience like no other. Sun Yanchu uses the medium of photography as a raw material to create his chemical paintings and darkroom prints. But the making process is done without using a lens or camera but rather with chemistry, photographic paper, and brushes. One thing to do is to control the chemicals, temperature, lighting, and development process to reveal the unique effects in his developed works.


    He says that the process of creation and the result of development - the layers of black ink and gradations of color - are extremely like traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy which he has been exposed to since childhood. Developer Paintings by Sun Yanchu combines his passion for traditional Chinese painting with the creation of modern Western photography.


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    Sun Yanchu, 1978 born in Zhou Kou, Henan Province, currently lives and works in Zhengzhou. Sun has recently shown at Musée de l'Élysée (Lausanne, Switzerland), M97 Ggallery (Shanghai, China), Star Gallery (Beijing, China), Art Basel Hong Kong and Three Shadows Art Centre (Beijing, China) etc. Sun Yanchu was also nominated for Jimei Arles Discovery Award in 2017, prizewinner of Gucang Dummy Award (Martin Parr Edition) in 2015, prizewinner of Lianzhou New Photography Award in 2011, and carried the MIO Photo Jurors Award of Morimura Yasumasa in 2010.





    Size: 168 x 320 x 30mm

    Pages: 128p

    Layout: Softcover, with PVC jacket

    Published by Jiazazhi, April 2022


      - This is a pre-order: copies will start shipping from 10th July 2023
      - Please allow 1 to 3 business days for processing prior to shipping
      - Delivery times vary by destination

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