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Liu Silin creates through herself a character, Celine Liu, who traverses history, culture, politics, and identity, yet says that Celine Liu is in fact nobody: Celine Liu can be anyone, while anyone can be Celine Liu.


While many artists choose to emphasize the aspect of "art," she, Liu Silin, instead, takes away the attention spent on “art,” trying to dissolve the "elitism" and the limits of art itself, in an effort to close the gap between art and the general public. As she said when working on the "Siren" series, "Everyone should have the right to speak up and the awareness to do so.”

1974 is an interesting blend between history, fiction and the artist Li Lang's personal imagination.


Li collected vintage photos from different sources and hand-labeled them with dates based on a fictional timeline. Then he presents these relabeled images along with a voice-over text of his personal memory in 1974.


As a result, images and texts are no longer simply a documentation of the pas, but becomes an exploration between fiction and the reality in people's mind.


Wild Grass

by TJ


Remember Me Like This

by Rachel Liu


Coming Soon...

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